Sometimes it can feel like we’re carrying  a lot!

As writers we call on our imagination, memories and creativity to tell our stories. But sometimes we lose faith, lose direction, or find ourselves challenged by something we’re exploring in our work. This is when coaching and therapy can help.

Over the past twenty five years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of people to address issues they felt were holding them back.  Some wanted to get better at something. Others wanted to understand themselves and their motivations. Some wanted to address a limiting thought or an unhelpful behaviour.

How could coaching help me as a writer?

Coaching can help you to address immediate issues and develop new skills and approaches. You can use coaching to…

•  Clarify your goals and plan how to achieve them

•  Channel your energy and decide between multiple options

•  Build confidence and self-belief

•  Identify your strengths

•  Communicate effectively and improve relationships

How could psychotherapy help me as a writer?

Psychotherapy helps you to look below the surface and explore long held limiting beliefs and other issues that could be causing you on-going problems. You can use therapy to…

•   Explore how and why you behave as you do

•   Understand your thinking patterns; where they help and where they hinder

•   Recognise your emotional reactions to thoughts and events

•  Deal with underlying issues that are holding you back

•  Learn new strategies and develop new approaches

Why work with me?

I’m a writer – I’ve been where you are!

• Two traditionally published psychological suspense novels

• Commissioned to write contributions to three non fiction books (two on coaching, one on relationships)

• Commissioned to write scripts and supporting materials for videos and training materials

• Alumna of Faber Academy 2017

• Winner of the Blue Pencil First Novel Award

I’m a coach, psychotherapist and psychologist –

• Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychologists

• Registered UKCP Psychotherapist

• Qualified Neurolinguistic Psychotherapist

• Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

How does it work in practice?

Sessions are usually one hour on Zoom or Skype. My fees are on a sliding scale for self-funding individuals based on ability to pay. You can decide at the outset how many times you’d like us to meet and the frequency, or contact me to book a session when an issue arises. Everything we discuss is confidential and no one will know you are working with me unless you chose to tell them.

How do I get in touch?

Contact Julia with your email and mobile number at or DM me on Twitter or Instagram.

I try to check daily but it isn’t always possible but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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