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How are crime novels like a rollercoaster ride?
They’re both ways to experience an element of fear and thrill without risk!

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What is the month of June famous for?
National Crime Reading month and Essex Book Festival!
Three things that happen in cop shows but not in real life
(Or in novels!)
Bad, Sad or Mad?
Why do we interpret the same text differently?
Why is waiting so frustrating?
Loss of control and our perception of time
Editing a video - how hard can it be?
Easy for those who know how!
Does a lead character have to be likable?
Or is it more important that they’re interesting?
What is the point of reviewing books?
The dreaded algorithm!
How does a story relate to real life?
Interviews with crime/suspense writers Kate Evans and Phillipa East
What makes a relationship last?
And how we can use these research findings in life and writing
You heard it here first!
Announcing my new novel - THE ACCIDENT
Publication Date: October 2022
What is meant by book genre and why does it matter? 
A brief look at genre
Dont assume! 
Read the instructions
When is a weed not a weed? 
What is meant by frames of reference?
The Joys of Spring 
What do ducklings eat?
How do you get rid of limiting beliefs? 
Tackling negative beliefs that stop us achieving our goals
What's stopping you from achieving your goals? 
Identifying the blocks
How do you achieve a goal? 
Finding motivation mini-goals
Happy New Year! 
An interview and sign-up competition
What is wellbeing and how do you achieve it? 
(Making plans for wellbeing in 2022)
What is Imposter Syndrome? 
(How to overcome self-doubt)
What are some good questions to ask about a book? 
(Book Group Questions)
Why do people love print books? 
(Printed books are here to stay)
How many rounds of editing does a book need? 
(More than you'd think - different types of editing)
What is aphantasia? 
(Writing with aphantasia - different ways of experiencing the world)
How do you develop fictional characters? 
(Using psychology to develop characters)

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